Recruitment, Selection & Retention

Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment is one of the foundation blocks on which organisations are built and developed. Gotten right it’s time and money well invested, gotten wrong it’s a waste of valuable resources and potentially damaging to your organisation. The HR Hub’s aim is to get that selection right first time, every time. Examining the role to be filled the HR hub will construct a comprehensive job description and target the best and most suitable candidates. A common but understandable mistake organisations make is to rush to fill a vacancy without analysing if the skills and competencies required for the role have changed. Vacancies should be viewed as an opportunity to rethink the role and how it can best be filled to deliver improvements to your organisation. The HR Hub approach to recruitment is a personal, tailored and confidential service that meets your exact requirements and budget.


Retention of good people is an ongoing and evolving task that understandably can get overlooked. You recruit the right person and pay them the appropriate salary so why give it more thought. Employee surveys show pay is rarely the No. 1 indicator of job satisfaction. Most organisation have a business plan for the next 1 to 5 years, well chances are your employees have their own career plan and you may or may not be part of it. The HR Hub works with the resources you have, time or financial, to explore options that help with the development and retention of your people.